We Shall Ride and Dine: The Chris King Gourmet Century Aug 9, 2012

I think everyone can agree that this looks like a great time. Thanks for sharing Chris King!

  • Pretty much my ideal day out, right there.

  • Hans

    i love this, pretty countryside seen by bike and good food. his headsets aren’t too bad either.

  • garbo

    next vacation from nyc is me doing this

  • Set your reminders now .. April 1st for registration next year 

  • Josh

    I spy CD with a fedora

  • AdamEldridge


  • Afireinside666

    if only they paid their shop employees a proper wage.

  • Thegoodkingnado

    “great time”? definitely NOT for those pigs on the spits…

    • Don’t push your beliefs on others.

      • Guest

        Eating animals because you BELIEVE that it’s acceptable to do so IS, in itself, pushing your beliefs on others.