Unknown: Jaws Driver Hubs Now Ready To Ship Aug 1, 2012

Unknown has joined the fixed driver race to arms with the new Jaws rear hub. Completing the set is the front hub: the Nailhead. These hubs are in stock and ready to ship with a 9t driver. 10t will be available next week. Swoop a set up at Unknown.

  • Jamie Rolfs

    Is the main application of such compact gearing fixed freestyle? I guess I’m curious as to the implications of running such a small cog for a track build… faster wear? Any other concerns?

  • Jamie Rolfs

    Must be a bug in Discus… empty name comment about compact gearing is me.

  • i bought these hubs and just got them yesterday. font hub is nice and light wile the back hub is strong and sturdy. worth every penny.