Two Phil Wood Products for You: Cranks and Collars Aug 30, 2012

I showed you the Phil Wood 40th anniversary singlespeed cranks back at the 2011 NAHBS on the Horton Collection’s bike by Bilenky. Then last year at Interbike last year, where they were dubbed “singlespeed, not track” cranks, due to their Q-factor. Now, nothing on the Phil Wood site says anything about a track crank, but I know they were working towards that last year at Interbike. Regardless, these things are balleur. Get on that pre-order!

Also from Phil Wood are seatpost collars. Another fine piece of machined metal.

Contact Phil Wood for pre-ordering information.

  • Are these the same, or does Mash have a different version?

    • It’s the same, I just didn’t see anything on the Phil Wood site calling them “track” and last time, I got an email explaining that they are indeed singlespeed, so I’m playing it safe…

      “Everyone wanted to know why I didn’t post the “Phil Wood track cranks” a few weeks back. My answer to them was that I already covered them in my 2011 NAHBS coverage and they aren’t track cranks. At least the ones they currently have aren’t. Bilenky included some single speed cranks on their Horton collection NAHBS bike. These cranks had a road q-factor, which were intended to clear a chain guard. While Phil Wood is currently developing a proper 144 bcd track crank, there’s no finite date on when they intend to launch it.”

  • recur

    Wow. I hate to balk at the price of exquisite American-made goods, but the MASH site lists them at $620. 
    Then again, I guess I didn’t hesitate at the $420 price tag on my Phil touring hub… 

    • $620 includes BB, BB mudguard, BB tool, Cranks & Chainring.  Fairly reasonable if you add all that up…

  • Cryanhorner

    Anyone know the price of the seat clamp? Didn’t see it on Phil’s site.

  • scott

    You reported about campy compatible phil wood hubs a while back, any news on that front?

    • It’s just a replacement freehub. Pretty sure they have them now. Maybe call?

  • Frankyiron

    Word on the street is that Phil doesn’t even have an engineer on staff…. so i guess most of this stuff is just generic stuff with a logo.  hey maybe I’ll start a company called Eugene and just sell overpriced stuff to guys with new wave haircuts… seems easy enough….