Two Friends Finish a Tour and Another Begins Aug 9, 2012

Photo by Heather McGrath

As Eric and Sofia end their Great Escape, Brad from Geekhouse begins his. I wish nothing but the best of luck to you dude. Ride safe and have fun! Thanks to Heather for the great photo. Also, if you haven’t checked in on the Great Escape, sift through the archives, there are some gems in there!

  • whats the advantage of having panniers on the front rather than the rear?

    • Weight distribution. If you ever throw a heavy load solely on the back of a bike, you’ll see how it can rodeo you in many situations. Weight up front balances the bike out and slows the steering to a comfortable degree.

      • Hans

         ….as well as allowing you to keep an eye on your load because it’s right in front. gear is easily accessible while on the fly too. and this might not be of any importance but it seems like the rear end of a bike is weaker than the front because weight from the rider is mostly over the rear wheel. putting more weight up front distributes the weight better thereby putting less stress on the rear triangle. might further reduce wear on the rear tire too, but this may be inconsequential…..

        • Hans

           i’ll stop replying with the same shit now…..i just didn’t see that the first comment took.

      • Hans

         you can also keep a watchful eye on the load when it’s up front as well as having your gear easily accessible on the go. and it might be inconsequential but the rear triangle of a bike seems to be under greater stress than the front due to the riders weight being mostly over the rear wheel. putting more weight at the front lessons this stress as well as making your back tire last just a wee bit longer….

    • A low-trail bike takes weight better up front. You can get out of the saddle and climb if need be, it’ll corner better and even pedaling will feel more natural without the rear end swaying to and fro.

  • miles

    awesome photo! & the documentation on the great escape blog is incredible. doing my first mini tour soon and that is great inspiration. 

  • I met Brad in Chicago last week. He’s a rad dude! Good luck on tour

  • headautomatica

    Will Brad be updating his journey ? If so where ? 

    • GR

      Nope! Brad is as analog as it gets.

  • Tyler

    Good luck Brad!

  • recur

    wow. 4 bottle cages. jealous.

  • Sandwich

    What shorts are those, some outlier jobbies?

  • Joshua Robot

    Dude built himself the perfect touring bike. . . B-rad Brad. Be rad.
    <3 Robot

  • Ckamp

    Like the MSR fuel mount.

  • Bma Andrade87

    what is the bag he has on the saddle?

    • GR

      Carradice Something-Or-Other

  • Miss him already!

  • pardon my ignorance but I need to know what shorts those are so i can put them on me as soon as possible.

    • adam

      Outlier Three Way Shorts probably. 

  • Ericwolforth

    Where can I get a set of those panniers featured on the Great Escape site!??! Super cool! 

  • Lemontime

    Fuck yeah knee-mounted thermos?

  • dat azz.

  • Daniel

    What frame is that?