TREE: Derek Nelson – Free Thinkers are Dangerous Aug 15, 2012

TREE just upped the Derek Nelson video for embedding and I highly suggest you watch this! Definitely a creative approach to the standard BMX web edit.

  • Joe

    I like his Dislexick Kung Fu….

  • Dannyaudian

    Damn So rodney mullen in a bicycle kinda way. Grinding with ur spokes! Thats what i call original in a way. Note to all FGFS riders. Wish i can see this in their rides instead of same lame stuff.

  • Yeahokay

    Steven Hamilton did it.

    • Likeatrainwreck

      Did what?

  • Meowington

    He makes that bike his bitch.

  • Ian

    Really original riding! I like it!