#TrainingBro Aug 20, 2012

Chas has been talking about doing this for some time now and honestly, I’d rather watch this than a track bike hill bomb. So good!

  • kote keras

    ” i’d rather watch this than a track bike hill bomb”…. Ha ha. you guys dont need to bother to email prolly any in the future.

    • No way! That shits good too – this is just rad.

  • Powell


  • James

    Remember when you said that if you don’t climb up the hill, you’re basically a longboarder? Just sayin.

    • LOL

    • ZianStudios

      lol i remember this from like one or two years back

  • You NEED the AirZound on that thing!  They really save lives.

    Also steering gets pretty exaggerated when your steering axis is 3 feet in front of your handlebars.  Going fast on a cargo bike is unforgettable.

  • Albie

    Do it fixed, pussy.

  • Jed

    Chas….         So dreamy right now!