Track or Die: Summer 2012 Aug 15, 2012

Let’s see. Track bikes, traffic and NYC. I’m sold!

  • Ajnskj

    idiot should have kept a tighter line around that corner, the taxi was easily inside its own lane

  • ZianStudios

    the video makes everything they’re doing seem like a big deal

  • Steve

    I gotta say, that was pretty weak.

    • Kulop

      Agree. Soooo yesterday. And amateur.

  • is it 2007?

  • Unclet 72

    Fuck the haters Track or Die NYC ALL day…EVERY DAY!!

    • Gambit

      Yeah but you guys are just oh so slow.

  • Unclet 72

    On a more civilized note, let it be said that Track or Die is a big crew with an even.bigger following. Simply what we do is expose & expand the subculture of fixed gear/ track bike riding while also uniting people throughout NYC. Were a new crew yet many of its core members are experienced riders. However, we’ve been very successful in exposing & uniting many new & inexperienced riders to the subculture as well. That’s our goal, to expand, unite & have a Hell of a lot of fun doing it. If you follow us, great….come ride with us. If your hating on us, even better…cus we know were doing something right. Either way, were NOT going away….were taking over NYC & going international. Look for us.

  • Unclet 72

    Ahem, we ARE a big deal…a VERY big deal. Most of that footage was taken from the first Track or Die Alley Cat just last weekend. In which over 50 racers competed in. The race was such a success that Austin Horse, (NYC bike messenger, Monster track winner, international alley cat winner, sponsered by Red Bull, and….stunt double in the moving Premium Rush) not only raced, he won & later told us that was one of the best races he’s competed in. So, yeah bud…..we ARE a big deal.

  • Been


  • Nycfixiedude

    You don’t have to like what we are doing and you are all entitled to your opinions but every who rides with us has a great time and that’s all that matters. Thanks for checking out the video and maybe in the future we may have some content that is more to your liking. Thank you prolly for showcasing some of what we do.


  • Ramishracster

    my son angel ooo shit my homies made it to prolly 

    • JC

      Look ma, I’m riding my bike thru traffic! Look at me!


  • trackordiemorelikeyak

    this shit is so gay

  • Ciclimolli

    Why dont u guys try rollerblading. Its faster.


    Make sure you check out the Track Or Die NYC YouTube. Channel for more “slow riding”

  • Unclet 72

    Ooooooh, look….more haters!! I LOVE you guys!! Hate MORE!!

  • Bregan

    I watch this cuz i love riding in NY.What is this stupidity – Erratic riding. Dangerous to other cyclist and pedestrians. No wonder the public wrongly label us /other cyclist /everyday commuters as a nuisance on the streets. Its bcoz of this hipster kids who thinks riding this way is cool. Ride safe guys.


    These are clips from an alley cat race which is a no rules race, you want to ride safe then stay in the bike lanes where you will most likely encounter a pedestrian texting not paying attention or cab doors that swing open not caring who gets hit. This is NYC. Our riding is as reckless and fast paced as the city we live in. Would you watch a video of a cyclist staying in a bike lane stopping at every red light? No you wouldn’t. Stop knit picking at everything we do, that won’t stop us from what we do. Ride safe

  • Sau Hsu

    this is the most humorous post of PinP ever, it was a good chuckle indeed. 

  • NJ

    makes me want to sell my trackbike…

  • brett

    I think everything negative I could say about this has already been said by others.

  • Unclet 72

    Hey Gambit, sorry…we didn’t kno fast was a prerequisite to having fun. Thx for clarifying that….we’ll b sure to tell the rest of NYC …since your SUCH an expert. Hahahaha!

  • Yoyoiscool

    Makes me want to sell my aerospoke.

  • Dom1n1can993

    people need to remember that TOD just started and they just enjoy riding … not showing off

  • Oscarsole88

    Half u lil bytch ass nikkas will never ride with a crew as big as ours cus ya so busy behind a computer talking shyt half of ya don’t ever ride and wouldn’t even keep up so lol keep hating us u make us wayyyy more popular that way and if ya feel some type of Way I don’t ever have to hide my identity this is Oscar el shaft cifuentes come see us and race for ure bikes pussys!!!!

  • YoTagsIsToy

    Toy ass tags,son.whats up witht he graffiti?

    Gives true riders a bad name!