The New England Frame Builders Bloodline Aug 8, 2012

Everyone always assumes Portland has long been the mecca for frame builders in the USA. Truth be told, New England’s scene has been churning since the early 70’s and it’s still going strong. Angles & Poise did an infographic on how just about every framebuilder in New England can be traced back to a handful of craftsman.

Check it out here. I’m glad to see Icarus and Geekhouse on there.

  • Having spent a long time in Cambridge during the Fat and Merlin years, this warms my heart.   I remember watching the guys weld in Somerville.  Those were the days …

    Tom Kellogg and Jeff Duser as Spectrum might be in there, but as a parallel track through the Merlin days.   But they’re in PA (though Merlin welded for them), so not really in the New England path.

  • very cool graphic, that tree is branching out faster at the bottom than anyone can seem to keep track of, will need an update soon!