The Invisible Bicycle Helmet Aug 15, 2012

Ok, this is very interesting on many levels. It’s like an airbag for your head and while most attempts at projects like this are far-fetched, the Invisible Bike helmet actually feels very real. Personally, I think a bike helmet that fits you, both physically and stylistically will be a joy to wear. Or you could wear a weird scarf-looking thing… See more at the Invisible Bicycle Helmet.

  • ZianStudios

    that’s a very interesting design

  • The “helmet” is for sale here. 550$ ish .. 

  • Joshua Robot

    Nicely shot video, interesting back story and I am sure the design process of 7 years is something to be admired. The end product strikes me as being less comfortable than any modern helmet. . . but I’m psyched that people are finally Back to the Future’esq garments.

    I’ll be interested in the v2.0 of this.

  • Brown Brown

    Can’t knock the amount of time and effort that went into this but it seems like it’s much more form than function. Once the helmet deploys in an accident it is not reusable. At least they offer you a discount on a new Hovding if you return the used one along with the “black box” they have installed.  Hopefully this company doesn’t fall victim to lawsuits because the airbag deployed too early or god forbid too late. 

    If they add a flannel shell I could see this getting popular with the fixie nation. It would be funny to see someone unable to unclip to save themselves from a stop-light-track-stand-fail and deploy the airbag. 

    Also, got to wonder if it would deploy right before I do a nose dive into the bar after drinking too much whiskey. It could save alcoholics and cyclists alike from head trauma. 

    • Guest

      This FTW! 

      • You’re not supposed to re use a normal helmet after you hit it…

        • jon

          yeah, but you dont always land on your head when you fall off a bike and it would still deploy

  • Lifted right out of Snow Crash, circa 1992.

  • Consider the research of Dr. Ian Walker.  He used an ultrasonic sensor to measure passing distance of cars when riding with and without a helmet.  He was hit by a bus and a truck, both while wearing a helmet.

    If drivers don’t see a helmet, they might give you more room.  That said, I can’t imagine commuting in Austin without one.


  • How about just wearing a f–king helmet that over time, has been designed and perfected in terms of safety and comfort? This whole project is such a waste of time.

  • yann

    this is cool. it’s another option. from all the pics i’ve seen of people riding in amsterdam and copenhagen a lot of folks don’t wear helmets and they’re really fashionable people (high heals etc.). having this is better than no protection

  • hza

    I saw this vid and thought, “wonder what Prolly thinks”.
    A+ for effort. I mean, that’s a lot of work simply because you don’t like how helmets *look*. But this is essentially fashion over function. The website has runway models wearing the piece. Outside of marketing it as a fashion access, my issue is that 1) it has to be turned on, 2) must be charged 3) must deploy. many parts involved. What about a false positive? How many times have you bailed w/o coming close to hitting your head?

    And also worth noting, what about international laws? Recall how the SEGWAY was going to revolutionize transport? Well, laws kept it from doing so. Not sure what helmet laws are like internationally, but countries have different standards for different products. 

    What will insurance companies say? we know what THEY’re like. 

    And lastly, all this foray for the fashion faux pas that is the traditional helmet, how will this *collar* look in the summer w/ a tee on?? They might be back to square one. 

  • That’s a lot of effort to solve what is effectively, not a problem.  Cycling is not particularly productive of head injuries, and is about the same risk as walking, so great idea, and I hope they find a proper use for it soon.

  • Would love to see it accidentally go off in a business meeting… “And in this chart.. *POOF!*”

    • Mous3

      i just imagine a bunch of people wearing these and dropping themselves just to pop open like popcorn altogether

  • Yes, but at 600 Euro and single use, that’s a bit far out of reach.