The HMPL No.15 Saddle Bag Aug 27, 2012

While I’m usually not the biggest fan of saddle bags, these HMPL No. 15 bags look pretty nice:

“Designed to hang nicely under the saddle of most any bicycle, the No. 15 transports all of your essentials without the burden of a backpack. Save your shirt and your dignity on a hot summer’s day, unless you always ride shirtless. It’s big enough to hold a 15-case of beer, roughly 15x11x7″ when rolled up.

The joy of the No.15 is its versatility. If you want to leave your saddle alone, you can throw it in your basket, strap it to your rack, attach it to your handlebars, sling it over your shoulder, the possibilities are endless.

Where we’re from, rain is an inevitability. Constructed from durable waterproof materials, the No. 15 will keep your things dry in a downpour. This doesn’t mean its 100% waterproof, but it’s pretty damn close.”

Check out more at HMPL

  • @Meglikesbikes

    On a shitty note one of the bikes in the video was just stolen. Vancouver/Portland/Seattle please keep a lookout for my Carebear.

  • Josh

    These look cool. Seems like they’d be nice to carry on a solo century.

  • DrunkBabyJ

    A 15 pack of beer… seriously? couldn’t have made it hold the extra 3? who the fuck buys a 15 pack of beer? would legitimately buy this product if it had a 3 more beer carrying capacity. 

    • iStone

       Don’t drink shitty beer that comes in bulk. Problem solved.

    • Me

      Yeah, they probably should have made it big enough to hold a full keg, right? Idiot.

  • Norby

    15 pack? I’m pretty positive we only got “dirty thirtys” in MN.