Sideburn Issue 11 on Dernys Aug 6, 2012

This is quite the image and I’m glad Death Spray Custom posted it because I would never have considered picking up an issue of Sideburn magazine before. Has anyone seen the full article? Is it worth the purchase? So rad…


    weird stem setups, whats with the backwards fork?

    • It’s a stayer bike. Meant for high speeds and stability. They have a super steep HTA and would be very twitchy otherwise. 

      The stem is adjustable, bringing the ride as far forward as possible. These bikes have a 650c front wheel, and a backwards fork, all intended to bring the rider as close as possible to the Derny. 

      If the rider does accidently bump the Derny, the fork takes better “shock” this way.

  • Dan

    Picked up an issue of Sideburn from See See Motorcycles/Coffee here in Portland a few months back. Great writing, loved it. I’ll see if I can snag this issue for you.


  • Liam Prescott

    the article is two pages of text, the double page spread picture that DSC posted and three more pictures of non-standard derny bikes. short interviews with walter huybrechts, graham bristow and derek marloe on motorpacing in europe, herne hill triumphs and pacing facts. pretty decent little read but the rest of the magazine is about motorbikes!