Shots from the Road: 08.26.2012 Aug 27, 2012

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I consider Los Angeles my vacation city. When I come here, I rarely take photos and mostly just kick around GSC, waiting for either an after work or a pre-work ride. Yesterday Kyle and I took off to Griffith Park for some off-road, trail poaching. I’ve never taken this particular route and as the sun set over the hills, it proved to be quite the day-ender. It ended up being about 17 miles and 1,700′ of climbing with about 50% on dirt. Not bad. Oh and thanks to Ty for letting me ride his Hufnagel!

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  • Paul

    Hi John,
    Don’t u just love it; ridin with ya mates!
    What did you use to make the collage, looks great.
    Keep it up man, love your blog/site…

    Cheers, Paul

    • Paul, I just used photo shop. Pretty simple! Thanks man.

  • Hans

    back in LA woohoo!

  • So sick dude. #lightbro