The 2012 Rapha NW Gentlemen’s Race

Shooting races with a 5D is easy compared to shooting with a Hasselblad. I finally got all my rolls developed from the 2012 Rapha NW Gentlemen’s Race and I’m very stoked on how they came out. This was the first real event I photographed with a medium format camera and it won’t be the last. Some of these came out incredible. For more information on the race, check out my last post on it for the rest of the photos, check out full photo set below.

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • Love these shots. I live right by that 7-11 in Sandy! 

  • Huck Shakes in Govy!?  Possibly the best milkshake on the planet..

  • thebigkick

    Amazing shot at 24and love the E30 at img 20-21!

  • John Gorman

    Funny shit Weaver!

  • Joseph

    Awesome set Prolly.  One of your best.

  • Chris

    Amazing country out there.  Great pics.

    That Willys truck….jeez.

  • Hans

    really like this one

  • phil g

    really great photos man!

  • love these.

  • So good prolly. Those mountains look ridiculous.

  • roger cadman


  • Brian Young

    John – I guess we did meet… that’s my wife and I.  I needed my Firefly to hold me up as I was so tired.  Great pics… already hoping for an invite next year.  Best – Brian – @westlioncycling:disqus 

  • Awesome set John. This really makes me want to get out there with my Blad, got a freezer full of 120 but no time/motivation!

  • There is some epic helmet hair in pic #30.

  • bleui

    every photos are frame-worthy

  • Morgan Taylor

    Great shots John. 

  • Awesome photos!

  • Manuel

    Could anyone tell me what beautiful cross steel frame the guy is riding on picture 4? Great photos!

  • Kenny Sharp

    Any details on that *beautiful* 6 wheeled Willys camper? Absolutely astounding.