Reader’s Rides: Kareem Shehab’s Leader Pharoah FGFS Aug 3, 2012

Since I don’t really do any kind of bike-check posts, the only label I could think that would be appropriate for this is Reader’s Rides. Plus it mixes it up from the normal track bike we see in that tag. Kareem’s been in the FGFS scene for as long as just about anyone. His recent relocation from Atlanta to Seattle, landed him in the middle of a great group of people, including Jake Ricker. Check out more photos of Kareem’s Leader Pharoah below, all courtesy of Jake and his Contax!

Frame: Large Leader Pharaoh
Fork: Leader Reaper v2
Front Wheel: Tree Straight Pull to Specialized P-Rim
Back Wheel: 10t P-Fix Hub to Specialized P-Rim
Headset: Animal Integrated
Stem: Tree Collet Top Load
Bars: Destroy Megalodon
Grips: Animal Edwin
Bottom Bracket: Animal
Cranks: Profile
Pedals: Shadow Conspiracy Ravager
Straps: Blaq K-Rab
Sprocket: Tree Lite 37t
Tires: Specialized 2.3
Pegs: Tree Trick Sticks
Seatpost: Animal Pivotal
Seat: Tree Ergo Seat
Chain: Shadow Conspiracy Half-Link

Thanks to Kareem and Jake for this one!

  • why is Chacon’s slogan on the BB shell?


      I thought it was Kareems slogan. anyways LOVE the paint and logos.

      he should try using Xsjado skate straps for FGFS foot retention ha.

      • Leader Bikes

         To be clear with everyone. This is Kareem’s slogan not Michael Chacon.

        •  mmmmhmm Pretty sure the ad I saw was for Chacon and not Kareem. Sources?

          •  I found it.

          • Johnnythrorocks

            You’re right Sam, you did see a leader add that had that slogan and Chacon was the rider in the add. But Kareem was bummed on leader for using that /his slogan in the add. His slogan meaning Kareem’s slogan.

    • Antimo Ponticello


  • aj austin

    I thought that was Kareems, Chacon isn’t old enough to rage yet.

  • no, it’s definitely chacon’s I seen it on his ad

  • good ass paint

  • that slogan on the BB is so good.

  • 37×10?!!! Beastmode.

    • ehh

      think he meant 27.