Premium Rush Super Fan Joe McKeag Aug 22, 2012

I can’t stop… laughing! So good!

  • Oh god…

  • and so it begins 

  • Timmc

    that was sweet! (weird back hand hi five thing he just ignores) Can I buy a fixie at GAP???????

    • no but at urban outfitters….sigh

  • lw


  • AK

    So hopefully this means all the hipster kids will think the fixie fad is now dead and I’ll be able to get some gently used parts on the craigslist super cheap. That would be awesome. Also love the sweet B-boy stance in the upfront. 

  • “fixed gear, no brakes” *cue freewheel clicking*

  • I like how they have Joe pretending he doesn’t know how to do this shit. 

  • guest

    If were lucky, this movie might just kill off the whole irresponsible, selfish riding fixie fad. I can only dream of riding through a green light without getting nailed by some brake-less fixie rider blowing red lights


       Hipster rule #1: hate all hipsters.  Its funny how ppl on this blog are all against hipsters but that pretentious attitude that wants to keep other ppl from riding what they like is the most hipster of actions!  Ikd what ppl ride as long as it gets them in the saddle.  What about all the ppl on 6K aero bikes coasting on sunday rides at the beach?!  I’ll smoke them any day on a all steel single speed!!!  This movie just shows that cycling is becoming more mainstream and we should all embrace that.  We should all be moving toward critical mass!!

  • EpsilonRock

    Fuck my life.

  • Spoon

    LOL, get paid! 

    When will Hollywood/media-types have a proper dialogue/writer? But I guess they would have the share the profits appropriately then. The difference between a ‘good’ and ‘great’ company.

  • i actually don’t want to see this movie for the simple fact that i like joseph gordon levitt.  pretty sure it’ll ruin that.

    also, it makes me think back to when i saw the premier of gleaming the cube and a bunch of dudes thrashed out of the theatre, doing power slides in front of terrified movie patrons.  good times…

  • he wasnt his hood self in this , paramount would be ashamed haha

  • power slide?! haha, scripted reality is so lame

  • hahahahahhahahahahahahahaahah