Portland Is… Aug 14, 2012

… Beautiful. We’ve spent the past few days exploring within the city and out of the city, trekking out to Horsetail Falls and various other trails. We’ve seen many great shops and met some brilliant people. While I’m collecting photos, I figured I’d share a few off a roll of film I just got back from the Hasselblad.

Today a small group is heading out on a century through the country roads and into Hood River. I’ll be away from the computer all day, but will have my 35mm on me, so expect some great photos from our ride. Posts will resume on Wednesday, including some from Hufnagel Cycles!

  • Zaner

    If you get a chance, look up Ruckus Components.  They do crazy custom carbon repair and accessories.  Plus, they just sent a hot dog into space.

  • Have you done a post about the nuts and bolts of how you take pictures while riding a bike?

  • Awesome! Can’t wait for my visit in October!

  • lol hope you weren’t hoping to get away from the heat.

    • This is nothing! It’s been over 100 every day for the past two months in ATX. 100 by 10am 100… haha