Pereira Cycles: Kristin’s Ultimate City Bike Aug 31, 2012

I’ve seen this in person and let me tell you, it rules just as much in the street as it does in the photo studio. In fact, I think I’m super bummed I didn’t get to photograph this bike while in Portland. Gah. See more at the Pereira Cycles Flickr.

Tony, you really killed this one. Amazing.

  • A city bike with super-lightweight high-end Dura Ace parts… that makes perfect sense from a show-off perspective, but wouldn’t a 105 gruppo be a lot more reliable and less likely to break for daily CITY use? 

    Very pretty bike though, I love the gumwalls and hammered fenders.

  • +1 to what John said Tony!  Getting a Pereira Porteur is on my list!

  • That shimano crankset ruins it all. It would look so much better with a Stronglight crankset or even a Velo Orange imitation…

  • Thanks for posting, John. I love how this came out and Dan Sharp did a great job with the photos.
    For those of you that don’t like the component choices I’ve got one thing to say to you” Order your own and you can put any parts you want on it, just like this person did.