Outlier: Supermarine Anorak Aug 2, 2012

Photo by Emiliano “Bro” Grenado

I could be posting about the new Outlier Supermarine® Anorak but people will just complain about the cost of the thing (even if this cotton is one of the priciest materials known to outdoor companies – so much so that even Arc’teryx can only afford to use it for a panel on the arm, much less an entire garment). Although I can tell you that I am in love with my last year’s model. It’s the nicest rain jacket I have ever owned and it makes me miss inclement weather. But know this, when I travel to cities with piss weather, it’s always on my back. This year’s model is newer and improveder. So head to Outlier and see more.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, this isn’t necessarily a product plug, as much as a photography plug. I think this is the best photo Emiliano has taken for Outlier. It’s like an illustration come to life. Amazing man.

  • Willashe

    I think it’s Supermarine….

  • Dylan Nord

    As expensive as it is awesome… want!

  • quesofrito

    haha! THANKS BRO!!

  • danchabanov

    Stop complaining about people complaining.

    Nice photo Emiliano Bro.

  • Pondoro

    I applaud their design and adventurous use of materials to combat the elements /I would buy one .

  • Tim

    $580… that’s a whole lot of ot to be worked for a rain jacket. i’d rather spend that time on my bike, just sayin’. a $75 rain jacket from rei and quality time in the saddle sounds MUCH more appealing.

  • some guy

    they make the best stuff they can, sparing no expense.  the price isn’t inappropriate.  but, rain jackets wear out.  as a guy who rides his bike every day through the winter, there are cheaper jackets that will look and function 99% as good.

  • Geoffrey

    How well does it stand to rain? I dont want to get wet, at all.