My View for all of Yesterday #RGR Aug 19, 2012

Yesterday was the 2012 NW Rapha Gentlemen’s Race and like last year, I was out for the entire course, camera in hand. I found myself tailing Wooly Mammoth, a team from Austin, TX, so a lot of my photos are of posteriors, out of the saddle. More to come this week!

  • Great image! Perfect DOF.

  • The start/end was basically in my front yard; I was the guy working on his shitty Ford van across the street.  I meant to stop by and tell you that I’ve been reading your site for years and that I appreciate all the work you’ve been doing but instead I went back to my balcony and drank beer while watching everything wind down.  I hope this will get the message across.

  • christian

    nice shot john!

  • ian

    what camera did you use for this?