Merckx Mondays Aug 13, 2012

Nobody knows Eddy like Andy White from Fyxomatosis, so when Khalil contacted Andy for a one-of-a-kind MXL, he went overboard. Custom FYXO livery, custom FYXO decals, custom FYXO everything. Or as Andy puts it “no corners cut, no bullshit treatment“. This Merckx Mondays is a dedication to those who do it right. Andy, this is amazing.

See the full project here.

  • wow

  • Khalil


  • Mind-blowingly good.

  • Digslove

    Crazy how they got personalized with the stickers.

  • Michaelrusa

    that is a very cool frame. livery is a very dumb word to use. kind of like: curate, colourway, and artisan. 

  • tony718

    that is one of the most beautiful frames I’ve ever seen. unbelievably lovely.  

  • Theseanman66

    So hot, I almost soiled MY livery. ;)

  • Khalil

    You can also see the other components and before shots on my Flickr stream here..

  • guestofaguest

    Liked the before product better. Black and yellow was beautiful.

  • Khalil

    It may look black in the pictures, but it was a dark green.. Horrible colour combo and VERY VERY VERY rough.. It needed a complete makeover..