Mash: Cinelli 2013 Mash SSCX Frame Pre-Order Aug 25, 2012

Mash just posted their pre-order for the 2013 SSCX bikes. Get on it now. A lot of time went into designing these bikes and everyone’s super pumped on them.

  • Guest

    Wow that’s so hip!

  • ZianStudios

    Rather buy some America made lol

  • Kevin

    Stoked! Looks really nice! I wonder why they went with 120 rear spacing? 

    •  Because most single speed road hubs are 120mm? Either that or they would conform to the mountain bike 135mm, but certainly they aren’t intending this frame to be used with 130mm geared road hubs…

      • Mmtmatrix

        ‘Most’ SS hubs arent 120, but track hubs are, I guess(?) thats why they went with it…

  • Ben Stoddard

    Lulz at the snarkyness of “guests” ….this frame looks bad ass. Props to Mash for pushing the envelope.

  • Alex Cachagua

    Track dropouts, cantilever bosses, 120mm spacing… I’m confused, what’s it for?

  • Josh

    I wanna know who’s got the strength to race sscx with a 48t and h+ anchorims

  • Norby

    Redline made that same frame set for the last three years! Half to price too.

  • Why the hell I always see something as awesome as this right after buying some different stuff for my bike?
    Sick frame, but single speed cyclocross? Sounds like a challenge!

    • Have you never been to a SSCX race? They’re the most fun!