Levi’s Commuter Continues Aug 5, 2012

Levi’s continues to promote their Commuter series well into the summer. I love the anti-dooring clip.

  •  Very nice video, thanks for sharing !!

  • dan

    Good video! The door thing, as small as it was, was nice. I have been doored, and can say that it is awful. My fear of doors is constantly on my mind when I ride. I feel like it’s overlooked among drivers (in general) and less experienced riders. I know that it wasn’t something I thought of before it happened. Ride at least 4 feet from parked cars even if it’s taking up a single lane. Your safety is more important than someone else’s convenience. Sorry if that was a rant! Be safe out there friends! 


    Does anyone know what helmet the guy’s wearing? Cheers!

  • @5b6fab67b51af6fbe2e8af00c3de5ab3:disqus I think that’s the Bern Watts. (Also known as the only helmet that doens’t make you look like a tool.) http://www.bernunlimited.com/Products/Helmets/Watts?helmetType=Bike