Joshua Robot at the 2012 Downieville Classic Aug 8, 2012

Photo by Robert Lowe

Speaking of Geekhouse, remember Josh? Well, he posted this photo on Facebook from the portfolio site of local photographer Robert Lowe and I had to put it up. Josh ripped apart the course from the 2012 Downieville Classic on his hard tail Geekhouse Wormtown. Josh, looking mighty fast and loose my friend!

  • robot! check this dude out!

  • So good!

  • hairy legs and lycra, the only way to ride

    • Hans


  • Awesome!  right down to the Time ATAC!  

    Happy robot building :)

    • Joshua Robot

      Thanks! I like what you got going on there. . .

  • Nick Valdes

    Yes!  MTB content on PINP.  I hope this becomes more frequent.

  • Spoon

    I was hoping to see the photo of John Blackwell as well, but MTB content will bring a smile regardless.

  • Big Air Bob

    Rad pic… looking good Joshua!

    • Joshua Robot

      Thanks! May the big air be with you this season.