In a Year Aug 12, 2012

A lot has changed in a year and yet, a lot remains the same. My time spent on the site has increased to 12 hour workdays, and I’m spending more and more money keeping it fresh these days. Most of that goes to film, processing and camera equipment. And all of the funding for the site comes from the ads. If it weren’t for you guys visiting and the companies supporting the site, I wouldn’t be here, doing what I love and it’s photos like these that remind me of this, every day.

These two shots were taken last year at LOW, after my Portland to SF ride and now that I’m back in Portland, a year later, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. I guess I just want to thank everyone for another successful year at the site. I’ll keep doing my best to bring you the best content from the best builders and shops. The world has really responded well over these last 12 months and I’ll remain dedicated to the cause.

PiNP is a one-man show that’s made possible by you! Thanks so much for the support…

Oh and yes, the rest of these photos will see the light of day soon. Promise.

  • Hard to believe its been a year.

  • seriously, how many clicks do you get in a day?

  • wade

    Not to mention the awesome upgraded site. Major improvement in delivery of great content. Jonathan truly is awesome. So now we can see all those big beautiful images and big sets nice and fast. Can’t wait to see what the leap into the medium format world brings. And kits. And wool jerseys. Oh my …

  • Hed1fsu

    Keep up the amazin work man! This has definitely been a work of love.. now ride the icarus to eugene so I can see that beast in person!!! Haha

  • Zak

    Any big Portland plans this time around?

  • Dmashburn

    your site is amazing man! it has been an inspiring tool and resource for me for the last year. thanks for doing it. Stoked on your continued success. Thanks for sticking to your passion, speaking your mind, and creating an amazing portal for all bike nerds to enjoy. Best of luck John!

  • Trackedout

    Yes, thank you for the hard work, long hours, and always giving us something fresh to see and read. Visiting your site daily is inspiring and educational. Now if I could only get my hands on one of those damn
    Raidô Viking decals!!

  • ian

    I seriously appreciate this site so much, the content you put up is always fresh and entertaining, your photography has gotten better and better over the years and it’s awesome to see, and the trolling comments are great to read when I’m bored.

  • Ryan Combdon

    Have you ever thought of selling some prints of your photos?

  • This community has done a lot to cure me of ignorance.  It helped inspired me to take a bicycle job.
    A year of pedicab driving has really improved my ability to sell my skills, or hustle as you might call it.  Just so you know John, it’s tough to gain weight when you burn a pound of fat most nights. (Strava thinks I’m on a MTN bike w/no trailer)

  • shit… what have I done in this last year.

  • Keep it up! (and anytime anyone says ‘its been a year’ I think of this throwdown song: Tell Jordan I said hey!

  • zeeeeeeecore

    thank you for doing what you do Mr. Watson!

  • sp77

    If you have a cross bike with you, Forest Park is mighty fun right now (yet not as fun as when it’s all muddy). Also thanks for the solid reading material and whatnot!

  • it’s been a little over a year back in the saddle commuting for me…  about a year of reading you and gathering info from you…  a few months of seeing your face downtown… etc, etc, etc…  thanks, you’ve inspired and enlightened me!!!  keep shooting the hassy…-0

  • Well deserved success. 

  • Majaco

    Thanks, John!!!!

    Keep up the good work

  • CrystalFellow

    Keep it up.  I’ve learned so much about bikes and bike culture here.  From your posts, ads, even the comments.  I found out about the bike frame I bought from PiNP (Tokyo Fixed), the parts I chose for my build, shops around the country that I have sought out and visited (that’s you MASH), men and women who make shit ’cause that’s what they love to do (Lazy Monk and RE*Load).  I’d like to thank you personally some time.  And I’ve learned how to do that too.  With bourbon. Ride on!