I Don’t Know What I Love More… Aug 10, 2012

This bike, or this Camera. I’ve been using the hell out of both as of late and while there’s not enough medium format content to make it an official Recent Roll post, there have been some gems coming out of this lens. The biggest challenge has been using this Distagon T* 50mm with its dual focusing rings. That and general exposure. Shooting with a Hasselblad has really changed the way I look at film photography. I don’t see myself picking up my AE-1 for a while.

See some more recent shots below…

  • Chris Trigaux

    I got a hasselblad 500cm like 8 months ago.  It’s a much more deliberate and slower process.  You really think about each frame.  And you realize just how much light changes, when you don’t have an in camera meter to fix all your mistakes!  It’s awesome to see you get into medium format, keep up the square!

    • Wordup

      It’s funny how mankind gets enthusiastic when something takes time to do or when you one is more aware during thinking. That makes me think.

  • Solid work, as usual.

  • DamianRiehl

    That’s right! Looking good dude! 

  • Blindcarpenter.com

    its hip to be a square

  • Max

    Nice!  Did you use gun-bluing on the fork blades?

    • Ian from Icarus did

      • Max

        It looks awesome.

  • Pxt0909

    Nice images – any chance you’ll do a write up of your film to blog process?  Do you develop and scan your negatives or do something else?

    • Christopher

      Hear hear.

    • Develop and scan…

  • Dmrbrad

    Lovely looking Bicycle you have and Photographs you take dude,keep up the good work.

  • I was wondering how long it would take for you to give in and be square …
    John, those are some great shots.  Pick up some B+W (Tri-X!!)and have fun. 
    I shot a Rolleiflex 3.5 Tessar TLR for years, and I really miss it.  There’s something about that square frame, a ground glass waist-level viewfinder and that luscious grain.  

  • Again, looking good dude!

  • Hed1fsu

    the bike looks washed out.. blended into the scenery.. somethin. Maybe it’s just me, but the bike only shots lack..

    • The frame is an off-white / cream that is very difficult to get the exposure right (even on my 5D) – so I metered off the lavender…

      • Hed1fsu

        Such a sick color tho.. wanna see it in person! haha. Full brick background woulda looked sweet!

  • Well

    Hasselblad is in its own category. Nothing else like it. Probably why they hold their value (darnit!) while other worthy med. format can be gotten for pennies. But they’re not Hasseys.

  • I read for bikes and get exposed to photography, effectively doubling increased nerd knowledge.  

    This nerd, Liz, got her Masters of Science in Fish Biology today.  A pedicab driver in a cap and gown is hard to miss.  Stop by the shop and celebrate with us (Lauren too), beer is on me.

  • Ross

    I carry a Hassy and an AE-1. I found I needed something quick and wide between lining up my shots. You inspired the AE-1! I’d love for a write-up on your processing woes (or lack of). Happy hunting! 

  • Harry

    The problem with Medium Format is it effectively kills 135 format after youve gotten used to it. After using a Hasselblad and Mamiya myself, even the output from a Leica M system cannot hold a candle to those big negatives. Its like comparing a 4mp digital camera to a 5Dm2!

  • What is the stem/bar combo? The bars look like Newton OS. Is the stem Nitto or Deda or something else?

    • Andy Nisbet

      Thomson Elite X2

    • Deda bars, Thomson stem

  • Cool instagram filters bro. 

  • Jake Ricker


  • Cyclonesian

    love the colour John, damn….

  • Jon

    Shooting 6×6 will change how you approach framing and composition. Our eye just likes seeing something cropped into a square. It will help soooo much in your 35mm frame/comp. because you can throw out the rule of thirds that dominates so much 35mm photography. 

    Plus, all that precise German engineering at your fingertips just feels so good…

    • Harry

      Not to be a stickler but Hasselblads are from Sweden. :-)

      • Zeiss is German and that’s really what people associate with the camera.

  • Danimal

    Diggin the flicks!!! 

    I love my Hassy 503cw. Come back to the bay so we can shoot!!!