HSUPER! Patches Aug 4, 2012

Since everyone keeps getting shafted on patches these days, you should head to HSUPER! and pick up a few. While Bear Mountain is more like Bear Hill (at 1,284′), it’s a great ride for people living in NYC. There and back tolls in about 140 miles. Even if you’ve never been, you should pick one of these up as motivation to go! If you fancy something else, there are other designs. Check them out here.

  • Bill

    I live close to Bear Mountain.  Your crazy as all fuck if you ride your bike on the roads around there.

  • danchabanov

    Hey guys I’m John Prolly and I’m so good at riding bikes that your puny mountains are nothing too me.

    • Hey guys, I’m Dan Chabanov and I won the Red Hook Crit three years in a row, so I’m backing out this year so someone else can win. k thnkx

      • danchabanov

        That is a true and factual statement.