Golden Saddle Cyclery Kit Pre-Order is Back! Aug 1, 2012

If you missed out on the GSC kit before, now’s your chance to pre-order one. This is the last time these kits will be available, so act quick! Order with confidence, these are an Endo Customs release.

*edit, swoop a Ramblin Roll NOW while you still can! And other Tracko releases are back in stock.

  • Mark

    Finally, I was able to get one! For, a while there, I thought these things were a myth. 

  • snagged an orange roll.  would prefer another color though so if anyone wants to trade, lemme know!

  • What’s the fit like of these? Do they compare to Rapha in sizing? Senior Prolly, what size you get?

    • Bibs are tighter than the Rapha classic bibs and a bit longer. Jerseys fit like the Pro.

  • Dadmire

    1 AUGUST…..10:45 pm CST….rolls are sold out according to the Tracko site….missed again!

  • iStone


  • August

    Dammit! I think this is the third time in a row that I miss a Ramblin roll. oh swell, maybe next time! :)

  • headautomatica

    aww snap ! ramblin roll Y U NO WAIT FOR ME..