Golden Saddle Cyclery Kit Pre-Order Ends August 31st Aug 11, 2012

The GSC shop kit has to be one of the most coveted kits in a long, long time. Even in Texas, I get people asking “how I scored one?!”. Look dummies, just order it! But act quick, because the final pre-order is ending August 31st!

  • Trackosaurusrex

    It doesn’t end the 15th…we just are putting in the first run then.  It ends August 31st.  

  • GSC kit looks good…but what about that MuddFoot kit in the background? How can I get that….

  • Trackedout

    Just placed my order yesterday. Sooo stoked…

  • Emily Rae

    If I order one will I look as smokin’ as Jen?