Fyxomatosis: Gonzlab CSR7763BX Tamper Aug 23, 2012

I can dig everything about this photo. The Gonz, Andy from FYXO, coffee and Campagnolo. Head over to FYXO to see more of this unique coffee tamper. Talk about a Campy fan’s dream tool!

  • Negaatio

    Should be sheriff star!

  • This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Want.

  • campy tampy

  • Pondoro

    We should have a competition for the most ingenius use of a bike component alternate use ,could be fun .


  • Godzilla

    I’m a barista at an unnecessarily pretentious cafe, which shall go unnamed, and can’t stop chuckling at how awesome it would be for me to walk in with this for personal use. I love it. I want one.

    • Will have options and prices coming soon based on if customer supplies the component or sourced/fabricated by GonzLab. 

      Sheriff star is in the pipeline and more exciting is some other coffee/bike crossover components for caffeine heads   @google-1035604bced745fa9b9987a869c4a995:disqus @a46d2811ba404a3a83735403e35f1851:disqus @463549476b9cee1517bb864f6acbc1d6:disqus

  • Bender

    Don’t forget the owner…. Erik from Gear Shop Brisbane!!!