Fixed Mag 12 Aug 26, 2012

I just checked out Kelli’s article in Fixed Mag 12 and I gotta say, it’s pretty great. Jen and Ace‘s photos, Kyle‘s interview, her Affinity Kissena and Kelli doing her thing is worth the check out. Pick up a digi copy at Fixed Mag!

  • Saaaas

    Pretty nice of you to plug their mag after they talk shit on a “certain” blogger.

  • Fixed Mag

     “More Than Likely Slipping?!
    All over the world people are turning off from a certain blog that was once loved by the Fixed gear fraternity.With fame comes a lack of remembering where your roots are. All of a sudden you are only blogging what compa- nies pay you to blog. What was once the “go to” Fixed Gear blog, is now inundated with all types of free- wheeling crap that is on every other cycling blog out there. Let’s hope this cold spell doesn’t last. Fixed!”

    • Cool story bro. That whole rant about fixed bikes is followed by a CHARGE ad featuring a 3-speed bicycle…

      • Guest

        fixed mag has nothing but ads and products reviewed from advertisers. whats he even sayin

        • I don’t see a single post on the last 6 pages from an advertiser, so I wouldn’t read into it too much. There’s always someone who passively-aggressively shits on what I do. Andy has reached out to me on numerous occasions to deliver content to him and half this magazine is just content that was already covered here on the site. For someone that dislikes what I do, he certainly seems to be biting off a lot of it.


          • Guest

            Truth. They should take a que from urban velo. They have a lot of original content, that’s why I get the hard copy in the mail!

          • Karl M.

            I don’t see a single post on the last 6 pages from an advertiser” Yeah. So. 6 pages so what. But there’s are a ton of ads on your sidebar. don’t hint that your morally opposed to profit or semi-capitalist devices.

          • You’re missing the point there, Mr. Marx. He said I “you are only blogging what companies pay you to blog” – which is not true by any means.

    • Put “fixed” in the search bar and hit enter.  The results may astonish you.

  • Saaaas

    surprised they wrote something like that. Maybe they’re trying to turn people off from their mag. Bikes are bikes. Have fun, that’s what it’s about and I think this blog encompasses that. That’s why I check it 45 times a day.

    • iStone

       Ha, you should check the page source for this site and see how many times it says you’ve visited. I’m at 409 on my work computer that I’ve only recently been given. lol

  • Dick Mag

    No one cares about that wanker anyway prolls

  • Philipp

    people who talk about “remembering where your roots are” are usually people i dont want to be involved with… prolly, I am glad your blog has evolved from the ““go to” Fixed Gear blog” into an awesome blog that covers many more aspects of cycling and beyond! screw the haters!

    • iStone

       Yeah, I’d be so bummed if he ever stopped… I love the cross culture coverage and the photos. MY GOD!

  • JT89

    I have road bmx(i miss it), ten speeds, and  mountain bikes but I prefer to ride fixed. But I love how your blog is open to every style of riding and embraces it in every way.Its hard for people To think… riding any type of bike you’re actually passionate about and love is the same feeling no matter what style. GRABtoday, GO RIDE A BIKE (no matter the type) 

  • Cxbra

    Kelli is a *certified* stallion.

  • iStone

    I wish that rear wheel was a little more snug on that frame.

  • LAnative

    who is the dude? im almost sure she has only ridden on the track twice

    • guest

      you are wrong

    • Jrt89

      Yeah 3 years Of it after giving up my Vehiecal to just ride. Plus competing in bmx and moutain bikes while I was a teenage . I have no clue what im talking about. -“meh” to the haters. If you don’t think something is true or real, you sure do go out of your way to prove you don’t like something .. Put more effort into positive shit you enjoy not to hate the world. And stop the hate. It’s not benifittIng you never will. Maybe you need to go on a bike ride an stop bitching on the Internet .

  • Deonsnoop71

    Andy is up he’s own ass ! ,Every time I went to 14 bike co He was to cool for skool.SO I just rode around to brick lane bikes.Prolly is the real deal !!

  • Your name

    I like how the logo on the jersey looks like boobs.

  • Idunno

    its rather sad that this argument even exists. To each is own, period. There are much more important things happening in our world right now that needs the amount of attention, that people give this blog. period. Honestly, does it really matter who is on the front of a magazine? does it really matter what the content of this blog is? pretty much no it does not. I mean, heavy shit is going down all around us and in our country for a long time yet people waste time on this sub-par shit. I’m actually wasting my time as well.

    we live in a society that is fucked. our mentalities are fucked. our way of living is constantly hurting others. we over consume and we are doused in materialism.

    this is not a roots thing anymore, and it has not been for a long time. When Hollywood makes a movie about bike messengers that is completely asinine, you can come to a greater understanding about roots. When you have bike shop and other heads making races and rides centered around such a movie, you can come to a greater understanding about roots. Yeah roots of major distraction.

    At the end of the day the best thing to do is to walk in love. Respect others and rise above the level of manipulation and control you are submersed in.

    don’t squabble because of John’s content, try and sit down and think about why he even puts such things up on his blog. Are the variables controlled? If we did not live in a completely capitalistic society fueled by monetary gain would people do the same things? Everything is simply fueled by money. Money to pay for bikes, money to pay for trips, money to live certain places etc etc. 


  • crihs

    There has not been one time that Ive gone to that site and hes had something original. Dude makes no effort and complains about it. Perfect example, this article and the photos. It was a submission. 

    People have to make a living some how. The fact that this is not a “fixie” blog anymore is awesome. Now every one can enjoy a good read, not just you posers.


  • Patrick

    I think it’s great that a magazine can provoke debate like this. If you can’t see that, then there is something extremely wrong. I did not see any names or blogs mentioned in the text, if you think this is about Pinp then you should maybe look at a few more blogs than his before you straight up dismiss anyone. Y’all are all so butt hurt, so easily. wtf.

    • Oh, it’s about my blog. I already clarified that.