#FF Power Hour 9 Aug 8, 2012

Disney Land, jibs and a lotta randomness coming in from the #FF Power Hour series. Trust me, there’s some good riding in there, in between lots of randomness.

  • Dannyaudian

    I just dont get it. Really. Are they struglling with those big wheel? Shud they try a smaller wheels? Wait, thats bmx. Mmm, as long as they have fun…

  • ssnyc

    This is the new rollerblading

  • i still cant believe theres people who leave that comment on this blog. every time a fgfs vid comes out. 

    • Dannyaudian

      Its been years n we’ve yet to see a really solid (original?) riding. Untill then we will bitch a bit.

      • It’s a bike, everything’s been done before.

        • Dannyaudian

          Fgfs is relatively new. Try to be a lil innovative n put another level of , well ‘Fun’. M
          y point for example is try grinding with ur seatpost ( yes thats a joke) or ur handlebar, ur spokes, or sthing? Nothing is new today, its all about editing ur cultural references. Hope thats a constructive critisism.

  • Austin Mounted Police: smell your tax dollars at work