Fast Boy Cycles: TF9’r Aug 13, 2012

With the winter months rapidly approaching (I know, summer just hit most of the US), it’s time to break out the big boy bikes. Fat tires, low gearing and ready to roll over anything are just a few qualifiers. Looks like Ezra at Fast Boy Cycles has the right idea with this new 29’r. See more here.

  • gorgeous

    • Headautmatica

      Proper !

  • sprint4burritos

    I saw one of his creations in Morningside Heights and had to restrain myself from drooling all over it…thankfully the drool factor would have been mitigated by those spiffy wood fenders anyway.

  • Matthewjoly

    Ezra really has a great sense of proportion and line. Really unique work on the handle bars.

  • AdamEldridge

    Props to John as well for finding this angle. Beautiful lines.

  • Danimal