Fairdale: Taj and the Weekender Aug 11, 2012

When I first met Taj, we were talking about what kind of bikes Fairdale should do. I told him a 1×10 or a 1×9 is what most people need (or don’t know that they need, yet). They’re perfect for commuting and are relatively low maintenence. Taj and the Fairdale team worked their magic, creating one solid bike. Hell, he even rode Portland to SF on his!

See more information at the Fairdale Weekender page.

  • Meowington

    This is seriously the most perfect urban/commuter bike for under $1000.

  • I’ve been commuting on a converted 1×8 KHS for three years now, and don’t think there’s a better urban or light touring platform. 

  • traskVT

    This is exactly the bike I need/want, with the exception that I’d probably put drop bars on it. Then I guess I would have to convert my current ride (’74 Raleigh) to a fixie or something just to mix it up. Funny how I had one of the first batch Terrible One frames, and here I am over 10 years later wanting a first batch Fairdale. Times have changed, but at least we’ve all aged together!

  • Meowington said it right. 

    Would seriously consider if I hadn’t converted my cross rig to a 1×9 last week.