Factory 5: the Daily Grind Aug 26, 2012

Ever wonder what it’s like to ride in Shanghai? This new video from Factory 5 shows us just a taste. Man, I wanna get over there so bad. Thanks to Tyler for sharing this!

  • the last clip is amazing

  • The sparks @ 1:30 with the music made it for me.

  • Tom

    The guys at Factory Five are awesome. Every time I visit Shanghai I roll with them. And can’t wait to pick up one of their frames one day!

  • finally!!!

    shanghai (minus air pollution) might be one of the greatest cities to ride in. so it’s great to see some nice clips reflecting this. hope there will be more where that came from :)

  • Joseph

    Fantastic video. So nicely made.

  • ThePeopleofDetroit

    I was in Shanghai a few years back. The traffic there is insane. I was there for three weeks and saw two car/scooter accidents. I admire anyone with the gumption to ride into that melee.