Colossi: Stickey Fingers Track Aug 18, 2012

This has all the ingredients to be one of two things: a track beast or a street weapon. The Colossi Sticky Fingers is a rather unique frame. 6061 tubing too! Check out more here.

  • looks like a tron bike , i want it

    • b_drum

      First thing I thought was how much this reminds me of the custom Tron painted Sonic that was floating around for a while.

  • Frank

    can we switch the red to tron blue

  • Wouldn’t it be sick if the red was a glow in the dark paint? 

    • Get creative with this stuff: 
      Making the Colossi letters might be easier with wide tape and black paint rather than cutting the tape and wiring each letter in parallel.
      If the light tape was powered by bike motion it would glow brighter the faster you ride.

  • Hanz

    maxway cycles all the way…

  • Doctor_Jones_

    Why are you excited about it being made of 6061? 7075/7005 is the good stuff. All the cheap components are made of 6061.

    • Adrian

      Cdale tracks are made of 6061 but no one says anything about that….

  • catdrew

    looks identical to the t3

  • Giogarriga

    how much? the website doesn’t work

    • Sander K

      our website is under construction, should be online end of this week

  • Norby

    Drilled for brakes all around, I say street weapon!