Choose Your Weapon: 2012 Specialized P-Fix and SE Primetime Aug 15, 2012

Who would have thought that in 2013, there would be two complete 26″ FGFS frames ont the market. This forthcoming year brings two beasts: the P-Fix returns and the SE Primetime. Both come in the ‘legal’ setup with a rear brake and optional front but once you strip them of those, you’ve got two street-ready bikes.

Matt from SE shot over the Primetime details and iMinus D posted up the P-Fix. Thoughts? I like the new P-Fix. Black > Red…

  • Danimal

    I think the PFix will be more successful this year since it has a year under it’s belt to find out what parts worked/failed and what they can improve on to make it a more successful build. All the PFixed bikes my shop sold ended up going to people who just wanted a more comfortable street cruiser but didn’t want a DJ stlyed bike. 

    PFix for the win…

  • Jollydoger_23


    • Awaiting….

      • Todd Lyons

        The price range for the SE Primetime will be $489 – 549. Full Cr-Mo frame, butted Cr-Mo forks, Cr-Mo bars. Get sum!

  • Mr.T

    3 completes, Bombtrack.

    • Not in the States…

      • Guest

        yes but you talk about the market not only US market !

  • scott

    I’m really interested in the pfix. the way i see it, I can buy a FGFS ready bike, but because it still has a decent seat tube, I can slap the breaks back on and use it on trails. I might be wrong, but I think I remember something about the pfix’s rear hub. Can you take the bolts out and turn it into a freewheel, or is that something I just hoped for?

    • Eoinryancostello

      Yeah you can take the bolts out and its a freewheel on the 2012. They will probably do it again on this one.

  • norby

    Too bad 2013 is not happening.

  • Lfkthl

    Looks like my Klein Rascal, little bit late to the party?

  • Mark

    The 2013 PFix is priced at $880 and is in stock now. The Primetime will be available through us late September with a price of $549. The Primetime will not have as high quality parts as the PFix but it is a price point FGFS complete bike. Both bikes will do fairly well this year. 

  • Norby

    Didn’t Charge sell a complete in the States?

    • Brandon

      Yes i just found this out a couple weeks ago. Its at my LBS for under $700 and its pretty nice. massive tire clearance (29×2.3), micro drive 14mm hub fxd/fw, looks strong and really comfortable i test rode it.

  • Chopemdownfilms

    Saw that Bike at agenda. Division Creative Foundry collab with SE. 

  • Sean
  • Swhite Ogre

    Both should still be viewed as cheap bikes. I sold my def wish to get the pfix and all I have left that hasn’t bent or cracked is the wheel set in 6 months.