Cedar Cycling: Local Rides Tees Aug 27, 2012

To celebrate the rides in the Bay Area, Cedar Cycling offers up a series of t-shirts highlighting the main roads on the routes. Check out the Local Rides tees here.

  • sprint4burritos

    I love it! Can’t beat OLH to Pescadero, but on the way back you don’t get to enjoy King’s until you “enjoy” Tunitas Creek. But the question is begged, where’s the Mission St. burrito sprint?

  • yann

    sick, i could check list three of those shirts. $25 is a bit too much for a tee though with simple text imo

  • hza

    DOH. i was gonna do something like this for my hood. I guess still could… 

  • Jason Clary

    I need the Tunnel, Skyline, Grizzly and Redwoods one!