BFF Helsinki Aug 9, 2012

Man, I really gotta make it out to Helsinki for the Bicycle Film Festival one year. Can someone book Hooded Menace to play the after party?

  • ZianStudios

    What’s with all the hipster fixie content now? I miss when this blog was all about road bikes. Fucking cunt.

    • When has this blog been “all about road bikes”?

      • Guest

        i think he was joking

    • MaryTrue

      By the use of the “c” word, I’ll guess Aussie. If by chance I’m correct, I’ll say your mum is too busted to kiss with that mouth of yours and let this pass.

      • Jack A. Riley

        Totally agree. Aussies are fucking cunts. They’re all descendants of criminals and retards. Penal colony dick scum.

        • Casshole

           oh damn

    • LOL

  • Sk3n3

    Prolly, you are so important to our Finnish scene!

  • herpesderpes

    Well fuck me mary poppins, what is this all nuisance. Where did all these williamsburg hipsters came to Finland?

    • Catadoomed

      Some say that they all came from Estonia, some say they came from the catacombs of Kallio and Punavuori. Me, I don’t really know.

  • Fixiegurl

    Yeah, just for the record: the video is made by some Estonian guys and is basically about their weekend trip to BFF Helsinki. 

  • Jungle Bird

    Or better yet, 

  • Jungle Bird


  • aj austin

    it’s like 2007 all over again

  • nice video!

  • Trolls!