Josh and His Salsa Vaya Tourer

Ever since my Geekhouse got stolen (R.I.P.), I’ve been on a commuter and touring bike kick. Austin has a ton of great builds rolling around and when I can, I stop to admire them. My riding buddy Josh has a great Salsa Vaya that he picked up not too long ago. When I bumped into him yesterday, I had to take some photos of it. It’s nothing special by any means but it’s a great build and his OG Chrome bag shows lots of use, so I met him at the bar where he works, the Liberty and shot some portraits.

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • that bike is ready for anything

    • …except a rainy day (no fenders). granted they don’t get much in TX, but still, kinda requisite for a touring bike.

      • Mine didn’t have fenders – no rain in Texas. I tourer the Pacific Northwest without them too.

  • headautomatica

    daniel craig is that you ? i kid. nice bike !

  • recur

    I’ve recently been turned on to disc brakes on touring bikes. No rim wear. I think Co-Motion have switched their whole tour line to disc.
    Solid looking bike, but it needs the requisite touring racks.

    • You add the touring racks when you tour and you take advantage of low trail by using a porteur rack when you’re commuting…

      • recur

        I just leave them on year round, tour or not. Lower center of gravity = less chance of losing myself when I’ve had a few.

      • Alex Stolberg

        But does the Vaya really have that low of trail? Slack head tube angle plus low rake… I’ve been considering trying this setup on my Vaya but looking for feedback before I buy the necessaries.

  • Would love to hear what your favorite touring/commuter bikes are John.  I’ve got my eye on the 2013 Raleigh Tripper.  3 spd internal, discs, good clearance.  –

  • surlyrider

    Discs for touring are where it’s at and those tires rule. Great ride for the Austin Hinterlands if he heads out that way. 

  • The new stainless steel S&S Vaya looks great.  The new Warrior gravel bike sounds VERY interesting, particularly in Ti, as does the Colossal.