Back in Austin for 7 Hours Aug 24, 2012

I get back to Austin tonight, after a great time in Portland, only to take right off for LA for a few days. When I travel this much, I really miss the riding Austin has to offer. That and the character of the roads. The things you see on the daily are so stereotypical Texan (and American) that it’s a never-ending source for amusement.

Once I gather my thoughts, more coverage from Portland will commence, partially mixed in with tons of LA photos (again).

Enjoy your life, friends and the weekend.

  • Loud Alvin

    Since your gonna be in LA this week, does that mean youll be covering Lords of Griffith?

  • Texas…best nation in the world.

  • mamaProlly

    Enjoy your day home.  Call mom when you can. xxoo

  • b.taylor

    Really dig all the B&W series on site. 

  • Lance Armstrong

    Looking forward to all the Portland photos!

  • Hanz

    speaking off austin, did you see lance!? hah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • welcome home!!!  see you when you get back from L.A.!!!-0