Affinity Premium Rush Bikes Aug 20, 2012

While a lot of companies are trying to cash in on Premium Rush with horrid “fixies”, Affinity was the company that supplied the movie with the bikes.   To commemorate this weekend’s premiere, Affinity has a limited supply of Premium Rush Affinity Metropolitan completes. Here’s the press-release:

“With the upcoming release of the movie Premium Rush, The Affinity Bicycle Co. has played a key role and supplied its Metropolitan and Kissena frame sets for the main character Wilee played by Joseph Gordon Levitt and Kym Perfetto, a NYC bike messenger and fitness guru who has a cameo and also worked as a stunt double for co star Dania Ramirez.

The Affinity Metropolitan ridden by Wilee is a street and track specific bike made from 4130 steel and created to handle to rigors of street riding but with the aggressive race geometry of a track bike. Unlike its predecessor the Lo Pro, Affinity’s first and more notable pursuit style track frame, the Metropolitan is a more understated work horse, with its stream lined look and straight blade fork. It comes street ready with front and rear brake options, making it legal on the road or pull the brakes off for use on the velodrome.

Catch the Metropolitan limited edition frame set in pure white, with the classic Affinity bladed crown lugged fork. Also available in limited quantities, Affinity will be supplying an original sticker pack. Make your bike rad by customizing the frame so its just like the movie bike.”

Check out more photos below and be sure to check the Affinity Blog for info on the group ride to the premiere.

  • Just, no. Totally going to the midnight premiere on my sweet fixie though.

    • bhsk

      run red lights and skid through intersections to make it super realistic. hahaha

      • Sad

        this is all rather sad

  • Lemontime

    Flip stem, cut steerer, get some proper pursuit bars and you’d have a rad looking bike.

    • Jason

       We initially had it just that way, but they wanted a more upright position. Also originally had the RB021’s but they thought these Nitto’s were more street than hipstery.

      • AK

        Wait, they thought the RB21’s where more hipstery, those things are as legit a pursuit bar as you can get, every hipster in the hood is rocking the standard bullhorns these days. 

        • Jason

           yep thats what they said. the original bike was supposed to be a lo pro as well, just like stone tones white lo pro… they thought it was to over the top. They said make it more of a work bike, set up but not to over the top.

          • Jason

             they were also concerned about the set up being to low, thus filming the top of his head for the whole movie. I tried to explain that neither the lo pro or rb021’s will do that if set up properly but they didn’t buy it. In the end I was happy that they still chose Affinity.

  • Guest

    Surly also supplied bikes for the movie.

  • Maria

    Whoa, I need this bike! I love the rush!

  • Rtd35

    pretty sure that stem is just about the most expensive thing on the bike… last i checked retail on Thomson’s was around 140$

    • More like $100

    • Jason

       I guess we did our job then, understated… the wheels are over $600.00. The saddle is $160.00, the Chris King is over $100.00. Retail on that bike is over $2k.

      • Fabian

         $600 on the wheels? right….

    • bikebike

      or like most messengers you can get stuff cheaper than msrp or even at cost depending. or more likely they dont give a fuck cause bike is there life and that thomson stem and seat post get them off a little bit.

  • JoeyPinball

    I wish this movie wasn’t happening

  • We all got tickets to the prescreening tonight. I’m going to see how early I can get kicked out of the theater.

  • what handle bar and grips are those?