2011 NW Rapha Gentlemen’s Race

Mixed in with my rolls of film from my 2011 Summer Tour were a few random photos. We already saw a couple from LOW and now here’s a handful from the 2011 Rapha Gentlemen’s Race that took place just outside of Portland last year. Truth be told, I’m way more into these photos after sitting on them for a year. Maybe it’s because I haven’t looked at them in some time, or maybe it’s more of that nagging nostalgia. For whatever reason, I’m really digging these and they can only inspire me to do an even better job covering the event this year.

Man, that HP5 looks great…

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • Hurl

    Nice work, John.
    bummed to miss this event this year, but Team CRC will have a squadra lined up again.


  • Tyler Johnson

    I think we need to get a #fixiefamous team for this next year. What do you think John? Get Chas and Walton up for it? Could be fun, painful, but fun.

    • guest

      Chas is so dreamy!

  • Trvthless

    whatcha scanning these in with?