A Few Videos to Get the Weekend Stoke Up Aug 3, 2012

These three videos popped up in the FGFS world today and they all deserve some plays. Check them out, beginning with Alberto Anguiano’s intro video. This dude has shit dialed. I don’t think I’ve even seen a basketball court flatland line in months. Seriously, don’t miss this one and there are two more below.

Since I’ve only got ten spots on the front page now, I’m going to start posting more videos like this. I don’t want to leave the goodness out, I’ve just gotta conserve space.

  • Its dope that our “sport” is so young that a relative unknown like alberto can come out and drop something like that and surprise everyone.

    waaay into the skid pedal set on Jensens last line..I love doing that..some fixed gear shit.

  • How the hell did Jensen get through that little hole with enough torque not to go over the bars?!  I could watch that a hundred times and it still looks impossible.

  • genghis destroyer

    Well, maybe BMX riders that hate are just jealous that they can’t do a 900 cab like Alberto.