Tokyo Fixed: Road Rocket Builds Jul 10, 2012

I’m so glad there are more and more production steel road bikes available now. One of which is the Tokyo Fixed Road Rocket. Steel road bikes are great for a number of reasons and I can bark about it all day but you’ve just gotta ride one to understand.

Swing through Tokyo Fixed if you’re in London and check these bikes out. If you’re not in London, you could always just look at some recent customer builds on their Flickr. Did I mention this beast has some Columbus MAX in it?

  • I would love the look of this particular build if the frame was about 5cm bigger, but nonetheless, hot shit.

    • Fooboozlie

      That frame is rather small. But Japanese people are small too…

      • you guys know that tokyo fixed is in london, didn’t you?

  • i dont really like roaddie but this one wanna make me change my mind, this is so beautifull roadbike

  • Guest

    as if the name tokyo fixed wasnt bad enough! great looking frame though!

  • Guest

    also, saddle is way too far forward!