Thomson Announces New Handlebars Jul 23, 2012

LH Thomson, small arms and bicycle component manufacturer has been buzzing for months now in anticipation for this date. Yesterday, when scoping out X2 stems, I saw a new tab on their site: handlebars! All who are looking for an All-American cockpit need to look no further (well, in 2015 anyway). For now, these carbon bars are manufactured in Taiwan but Thomson plans on moving fabrication to the States in 2015. I’ll admit to being a little bummed on that note…

  • wow. thomson does carbon after years of not doing aluminum bars. the Ti MTB bars are hot too.

  • numberonebro

    i expected these to be machined out of solid block of aluminum

  • Didgeridoo

    That handlebar tab has been there for a few weeks now…

    • All I said was I noticed it yesterday, bro.

  • 2015! bummer

  • fooboozlie

    I’ve been to Thomson’s headquarters in Macon, GA. Whe n I talked to them they informed me that their operation is not really completely based around bike products. They do more industrial machining and milling than bike-related stuff, so the fact that they are coming out with more products for cyclists is awesome news. However, I am personally not interested in the bars since they aren’t made in the US and I can’t imagine they’ll be drastically different than any other bars, other than being matchy matchy with the logos.