Skitch: The East – Finn Zygowski Jul 25, 2012

Mr. Briggs and Mr. Zygowski put in a ton of work here and it shows. Seriously good job guys! Props on using Graveyard too. It fits so perfectly.

  • Woods

    Awesome edit all around. Great riding, killer music choice, solid editing and filming. 

  • colorexpertsbd

    just loved your abstract art work.

  • This two guys makes best edits in the game! Real spirit of FGFS riding for me. 

  • Jbulloch83

    Hate to be a cynic but I seriously don’t get the whole fixie freestyle thing. Looks lame, doesn’t flow at all.

    • Riding bikes in creative ways are fun. Riding a road bike off-road looks pretty lame too, but it’s fun.

  • The Cathode Ray Tube filter with the scanlines, is that in After Effects or Premiere?  That was amazing, great job guys!

    • Tom Briggs

      There is no After Effects in the video, I just pointed the camera at a TV.

      • Tom Briggs

        And thank you for the kind words, it means a lot to us.

  • that drop is fuckin big in the intro, good job finn seriously. 

  • m0sher


    • Jackson

      whoever fucking wrote this is a strait goof, cuz i know it wasnt my friend tom, keep hate away from this edit, and out of toronto!

  • Way legit Finn! The pedal feeble on the little ledge to the rail made me wish i wasn’t at work right now. Nice work as usual Tom.