Sizemore Bicycle: Matt Beers’ Training Bike II Jul 9, 2012

I have a general rule that I don’t like to double up on the front page but this new Sizemore Bicycle is rule-bend-worthy. When Matt’s training bike met an untimely death by a hand of a car, Taylor made him an identical copy. Rather than going for the raw and wax finish, he covered it in a matte navy and hand-lettered his logos. This has gotta be one of the freshest and most DIY paint job I’ve seen. Check out more at the Sizemore Flickr.

  • the quiet suffering

    would love to see a photo of the bike fully built in the future

    • You will, I’ll be replacing the current patina photos on my site with new ones! Thanks!

  • TuckerRidesBikes

    Hope Matt is ok, and has a good chiropractor (I do).  
    That new frame is a beauty.