Rocket Company

Rocket Company is a rather unique shop. It’s not exactly a bike shop and it’s far from a motorcycle garage, but it’s a healthy mix of the two. Oh and add in some insane autos on the side. That pretty much sums up how this hub in Jakarta appears on the surface. Even when you walk in the doors, it’s hard to tell what’s for sale and what’s for display. The MG is certainly not for sale, but the Stanridge and the LOW are.

Rocket’s clientele seeks high-end and unique track frames and builds. As all my coverage from Fixed Fest shows, the people in Jakarta love their balleur track bikes. But they’re also a fully-functioning motorcycle shop. It’s safe to say if it has two wheels, Rocket’s there to keep it moving. These guys were fantastic hosts and I highly recommend you swing through their doors if you find yourself in Indonesia.

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  • I’ve died and gone to mechanical heaven.

  • Loving the Corima and the old school Ford GT.  That shop is so dope.

  • James mckeon

    Porsches etc, where does the money come from? Nice looking store though, far out.

  • Mattlreeve

    Have you ever thought about doing some sort of essay/photo essay/post about cyclists who ride motorcycles and vice versa?
    Would that even hold ground on the interwebs?
    Just a thought

  • Doctor_Jones_

    Awesome shop, but I wish the 3rensho was more well thought out.

  • TrulyBogus

    Damn. I want to see this place so badly. I didn’t even know Gitane made trials bikes like that. 

  • It does look like heaven in there.  Ford GT, bad ass bikes.  Bad ass motor cycles.  Yep definitely gonna have to plan a stop in.

  • Dave

    Thats a fine website you guys are looking at there ;)

  • Suspekt

    might be the coolest shop I’ve ever seen!