San Antonio Midnight Crits Jul 9, 2012

Photos by David Rangel

Down in San Antonio, there’s an event called Midnight Crits. It’s a flash-mob style race series, where the details are posted to Facebook the night of. These races take place on random nights, on a .6 mile course, as people battle it out for 16 laps. David’s got a Flickr set up from the second race, so head over and check them out.

  • Jkokily_bryan

    where can we see when the next one is?

  • David

    I cannot take credit for this event. I’m just getting the word out and taking the photos. One of the local guys who’s a lynch pin in the scene named Rocky organizes this. He gets all the credit. The race time and place announcement goes up on our FB the day of and no one knows when or where it will be.