Rec Fail: Antonyo by Dave Beard Jul 7, 2012

Photo by Dave Beard

This has gotta be one of the sickest FGFS photos of the year. Dave Beard caught Antonyo nailing a bump to ice on a chainlink fence. So dialed. Check out more at Rec Fail.

  • Wow That is a well composed picture. 

  • Tom

    Fuck yeah

  • Jdhhsept


  • Scott

    I still don’t understand why antonyo has only a couple of sponsors. He’s creative, he has great style,  and he’s always putting in work. Come on, FGFS companies. Hook this kid up.

  • Mr.unknown

    he will  get lots  of  sponsers     on  sept   when   he is  in  Korea  trip  

  • TuckerRidesBikes

    shit is heinous